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News & Events
Highlight of CISMA 2015 (ATP -New Power) thank you for visiting our booth.

Dear our best friend and Partners,

Thank you very much for visiting our booth. Its really nice talking with you. First we hope you have a nice trip in China. 

How are you? How about the CISMA Show? We do wish you have a great success during the CISMA Show. By the way you can get all the exhibitiors or some important visitors information on the web of CISMA. 

We have one very busy and success CISMA Show!  We showed our fastest Inkjet plotters and Inkjet cutting plotters. 

1. The highest Speed Inkjet Plotter (HP88 Cartridges) 280 m²/h real working speed( It was named most fast machines in CISMA Show by Gerber engineers)

2. The highest Speed Inkjet cutting plotter (flatbed)  1500 mm/s real working speed( It was named most fast machines in CISMA Show by Gerber engineers)

3.The strongest heavy duty template cutting machine:

4. All of our exist selling plotters speed has10% to 30% higher speed upgrade too.

The OEM  requirement or enquiry and technical communication from European Manufacturers:


We do trust you have really very nice choice. Please trust your choice and we will supply you continue best products.  Always there is some room for us to improve our products to meet the users requirement according the busier and busier work requirement. 

Welcome to contact with us for the video and all other information as soon as possible. We will supply you on time. 

We will have one long National Holiday from October 1st to October 7 in order to give you best service or early answer we will work on October 5 (Monday) and October 6 (Tuesday) for 2 days after the CISMA Show. 

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